Working Together for a Safer Propane Industry

Propane education and safety training has always been one of the core goals of the Illinois Propane Gas Association (IPGA). Our work has made Illinois one of the leaders in propane safety.

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Thanks to IPERC continuing to approve the grant request submitted by IPGA to offset the cost of the Continuing Education and Safety Meetings, Illinois propane marketers who are actively participating in the IPERC assessment program may attend CETP, IPGA advanced classes, and safety meetings at no charge. Your IPERC dollars cover registration, lunch and classroom materials only. Individual companies are responsible for travel, additional meals and lodging.

Click here for the training schedule and registration.  2024 Training Classes

The Instructor: Brad Blair

Brad Blair is the Illinois Propane Gas Association’s Education and Safety Trainer for all certified, non-certified and safety meetings and Executive Director for IPGA. Brad has over 20 years’ experience in the propane industry. He also works closely with the DOT, EPA and the State Fire Marshall’s office.

We have an on-site training center where students can learn valuable hands-on experience to take back to their company operation.

Brad is always available to assist with any technical questions. Feel free to contact him anytime via cell (217) 525-8000 (ext 101) or email [email protected]

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